RENK-MAAG's huge wealth of experience in the construction of gearboxes has been built up over a period of more than 100 years. That is why you will find a winning solution for your specific application at RENK-MAAG. – Click here or ask us directly!

Oil and Gas

It goes without saying that RENK-MAAG meets and often surpasses the prescribed standards in the oil and gas sector…

Power Generation

Efficiency is of crucial importance in power generation…


Petrochemical Industry

Operational shut-downs are expensive, which is why you depend on reliable production facilities…


Steel Production

RENK-MAAG has tailor-made gearboxes for compressors in blast furnace plants…


Marine Applications

Couplings of RENK-MAAG are installed on ships which have multiple drivers in the propulsion systems such as naval vessels, high-speed ferries and luxurious super yachts.

Other Applications

Do you require a gearbox for another application? We would be happy to advise and assist you with the expansion or conversion of your plant…