Turbo Gearboxes

Turbo gearboxes of RENK-MAAG are always designed for their specific application. The gearboxes can be supplied with wheelsets with double or single-helical toothing and with or without thrust collar. – Please request a tailor-made quotation for your system.

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes of RENK-MAAG are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest technical standards and are based on proven MAAG technology.


HET Gear Gearboxes

«High Efficiency Turbogear»: Maximum efficiency is achieved by creating a partial vacuum in the gearbox.


MULTICOM Gearboxes

Integral gear form the heart of a multi-tiered
gearbox compressor and/or expander. RENK-MAAG technology delivers key benefits.

High-Speed Epicyclic Gears

Planetary gears – a simple, efficient principle when space is at a premium. Plant construction costs can be reduced by the coaxial design.


Special Gearboxes

RENK-MAAG is your professional partner of choice when customer requirements can only be met with special gears.


Drop in and retrofit solutions

You need to replace a gearbox or clutch? Or do you want to beaf up the system with back to the state-of-the-art technology?